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A Seamless and Sustainable Product Recall



A case study in corporate responsibility and sustainable collaboration, showcasing the synergy between the customer and Valicor united to address environmental concerns while maintaining consumer trust.


 A multinational Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) corporation activated a nationwide voluntary recall of its home care products. Committed to consumer safety and upholding a minimal environmental footprint, the recall process had to be compliant with regulatory requirements while simultaneously adhering to the company’ sustainable development practices.

To address this intricate challenge, the customer sought a service partner with expertise in waste management and sustainable practices; furthermore, the service partner must also exemplify best-in-class safety culture and practices that align with the customer’s own HSE (Health, Safety, and Environmental) practices. Once the selection process was completed, the customer informed Valicor that we’ve won the opportunity to support this challenge.

What We Did

 Valicor responded promptly, deploying a seasoned program manager to collaborate closely with the customer. The initial phase involved meticulous waste profiling, ensuring adherence to stringent compliance standards throughout the recall process. This front-end planning laid the foundation for a seamless and environmentally conscious recall operation.

A critical challenge faced was the need for a logistics framework preventing production bottlenecks. Recognizing this aspect's significance, the program manager worked closely with the customer’s team to design and implement an efficient logistics strategy. This foresight and collaborative planning prevented disruptions to the customer’s operation, ensuring the recall process did not compromise the customer’s commitment to timely delivery.

The Outcome

 As the recall, recovery, and recycle program gained momentum, Valicor’s proficiency in waste stream processing took center stage. Within six months in 2023, Valicor successfully processed 16,000 tons of waste streams from diverse locations across the country while maintaining a disciplined cost management program and a tight adherence to operational timeline. This achievement not only reflected the efficiency of Valicor’s waste management capabilities but also highlighted the scalability of its operations.


Best Practices

Many variables made this product recall and destruction successful. The following are two best practices

  1. Alignment with the customer’s HSE policy is imperative to ensure a safe and successful outcome for both companies.

  2. While collaborative planning prevented disruptions to the customer’s operation, maintaining a transparent communication model aligns everyone in the project.

Innovative Solutions

  • Securely repurposing waste material for other usages reduces the additional energy spend and CO2 generation.

  • Stacked logistics eliminated additional fuel and energy spend, thus eliminated addition CO2 generation.

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