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Streamlining Waste Management in Crisis



Designed and expedited a product recall and destruction program that focused on consumer safety, compliance, and transparency.  


A national chemical compounder in the custodial market segment faced a critical challenge during the height of the pandemic when they needed to recall off-spec hand sanitizer, resulting in almost 2,000 tons of waste. As the reverberations of a disrupted global supply chain rippled through manufacturing sectors, prioritizing consumer safety over market share, the company initiated a product recall. Ensuring compliance, traceability, and certified destruction of the product became paramount. In this pivotal moment, Valicor emerged as the trusted service partner to navigate this waste management conundrum.

What We Did

From the outset, our team collaborated closely with the client, establishing a robust communication framework to foster alignment, transparency, and clarity. Comprehending the regulatory intricacies surrounding product destruction, we meticulously documented every procedure, synchronizing project execution with the client's team.

Conducting a comprehensive assessment, we devised a recall plan that optimized efficiency through a hub-and-spokes logistics system. This innovative approach not only curtailed additional carbon emissions but also provided enhanced visibility into recall operations. In the final stages, all recalled products underwent meticulous safety deactivation and destruction, bolstered by certification to facilitate regulatory reporting.

The Outcome

In lockstep with our client, Valicor executed the plan flawlessly, processing over 2,300 pallets of waste without encountering compliance issues or lost time incidents. Through seamless cooperation, we swiftly recovered off-spec materials that not only met rigorous compliance standards but also exceeded the client's expectations. Our strategic partnership not only addressed a pressing challenge but also underscored our commitment to excellence in crisis management.


Best Practices

The following are elements that made this project a success:

  1. Establishing Clear Communication Cadence: The collaboration began with the establishment of a structured communication framework to ensure alignment, transparency, and clarity between both parties. This proactive approach helped in fostering a cohesive working relationship and facilitated smooth execution of the project.

  2. Meticulous Documentation and Compliance Adherence: Recognizing the importance of regulatory compliance in product destruction, every procedure was meticulously documented. This ensured that all actions taken were in line with regulatory requirements, mitigating potential risks and liabilities for both the client and the service partner.

  3. Optimizing Logistics for Efficiency and Sustainability: A thorough evaluation led to the development of a recall plan that optimized efficiency through a hub-and-spokes logistics system. This innovative approach not only streamlined operations but also contributed to reducing carbon emissions, showcasing a commitment to sustainability alongside operational effectiveness. 


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