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Streamline Hospital's
Waste Management Processes


Behind the scene of a sterile and immaculate hospital environment is an expert team operating in the same cadence and commitment to delivering excellent customer experience; this is their case study.  


Our client is a leading teaching hospital with over 3,000 beds and a robust workforce of 30,000 employees. As part of a network of 14 regional hospitals, the institution was relentless in its commitment to delivering superior patient care within an immaculate and sterile environment. Yet, this dedication faced a formidable challenge in the form of diverse waste streams, placing a strain on operational efficiency.

Navigating the complexities of waste management, exacerbated by multiple service providers with disjointed offerings, the hospital found itself veering off its core competency, leading to an undesirable surge in operational costs, including the risk of improperly disposing waste stream. Recognizing the imperative for an overhaul, the institution turned to Valicor as its strategic waste management partner.

What We Did

Tasked with overseeing the management of all waste streams, excluding regulated medical waste, Valicor collaborated with the hospital’s leadership team to deliver a turnkey operation, tailored to align with the institution's objectives, processes, and expectations, fostering an environment of shared vision and purpose.

The Outcome

The implementation of Valicor’s services ushered in a transformative shift in the hospital's waste management landscape. Consistent and transparent reporting became the linchpin of our collaboration, establishing a new era of predictability and reliability. The enduring partnership, with the hospital maintaining a continuous relationship with the same Valicor leaders for over 30 years, highlighted the trust and symbiotic collaboration between the two entities.



Accomplishments Woven into Success

  • Compliance Mastery: the precision and collaborative approach ensured not just adherence but mastery of state and local regulatory requirements, positioning the hospital as a compliance benchmark in waste management.

  • Operational Streamlining: Through collaborative efforts, the tailored turnkey solution streamlined operational processes, seamlessly aligning with the hospital's unique objectives and dynamics.

  • Regulatory Agility: Valicor’s subject matter experts not only addressed current challenges but positioned the hospital to stay ahead of regulatory changes and updates, showcasing a commitment to foresight and preparedness. 


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