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Restoring Capital Equipment


Returning capital equipment to the production line was made challenging when the entry into the confined space was blocked by materials that inadvertently solidified in the production process. 


 The customer is a national leader in applied chemistry, with a network of over 10 state-of-the-art manufacturing and blend facilities across North America. The company caters to an expansive array of market segments, from the intricacies of building and construction to the demands of energy and mining, and the nuances of agriculture. However, even national leaders face challenges, and when our client confronted a critical production setback, we rose to the occasion with unparalleled expertise and finesse. 

The adversity surfaced when a vital product tank experienced a disruption, mandating an immediate shift to a secondary production line. This unforeseen hiccup reverberated across diverse sectors, unintentionally adding stress to an already exhausted supply chain. The material within the affected tank solidified, presenting a formidable challenge that demanded urgent remediation, ultimately requiring confined space entry.

What We Did

Our intervention was not just a response; it was a strategic orchestration of precision. The daunting task of accessing the solidified material within the product tank required a meticulous and labor-intensive effort. The operation resembled an archaeological excavation due to the presence of intricate mechanical elements within the tank.

Navigating the confined space intricacies, our team executed a final hydro blast process with a calculated and surgical approach. This ensured not only the safety of our team but also the delivery of high-quality service. The removal of the hardened material was conducted with utmost care to safeguard the inlet and outlet points, allowing for the natural extraction and replacement of parts without resorting to invasive measures.

The Outcome

Our team, armed with preparedness and a strategic mindset, flawlessly executed a plan to extract the solidified material without causing damage to the product tank. The result was nothing short of exceptional—a product tank restored to a pristine, like-new condition, delivered on schedule, and with an impeccable safety record—zero incidents. Our precision not only upheld the client's standards but also reinstated the production timeline back on schedule.

Importantly, our approach yielded significant cost savings for our client. By averting the necessity for a total tank replacement, we spared them from incurring costs that could have exceeded $500,000. This triumph stands testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to turn challenges into opportunities for success.

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Best Practices

The project success was based on tight alignment with the customer's goals and a shared commitment to operational excellence. Some of the  best practices include:

  • Timely and Effective Communication: Managing and resolving crises requires effective communication. Timely communication with the client and within the team ensures a coordinated and efficient response to the challenges at hand. 

  • Effective and Efficient Solution: By averting the need for a total tank replacement, the intervention resulted in significant cost savings for the client. 

  • Focus on Safety: The safety of the team is paramount, especially in confined space entries. Incorporate safety measures into the operational plan to ensure zero incidents and uphold a strong safety record. 


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