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Transforming Used Oil into a Heavy Manufacturing


In the fast-paced world of heavy manufacturing, where innovation drives progress and precision reigns supreme, a game-changing strategy is gaining recognition for its sustainability potential: repurposing industrial used oil. This isn't mere recycling; it's a strategic innovation set to reshape heavy manufacturing profoundly. Over decades of collaboration with industry leaders, we've witnessed how repurposing used oil can deliver significant benefits in five key areas, spanning environmental, economic, and technological fronts.

  1. Reducing Environmental Impact
    The environmental consequences of improperly used oil disposal are alarming. A single gallon of discarded used oil can contaminate up to a million gallons of clean water. With freshwater resources dwindling, responsible used oil management is crucial. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), careful reclamation can save approximately 16 million gallons of water annually1

  2. Minimizing Resource Depletion
    Heavy manufacturing constantly demands raw materials, straining our finite resources. Here, repurposing used oil shines: recycling one gallon of used oil produces as much energy as refining 42 gallons of crude oil, reducing the need for new resource extraction and preserving ecosystems2.

  3. Energy Efficiency Boost
    Energy efficiency is vital for sustainability, and re-refining used oil aligns with this goal. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes that re-refining requires significantly less energy compared to processing crude oil, leading to a smaller carbon footprint3

  4. Cost Savings and Economic Growth
    Traditionally, the realms of sustainability and economic growth have been viewed through separate lenses. However, in the realm of used oil repurposing, these lenses converge. CalRecycle estimates that re-refining used oil can cut costs by up to 50% compared to refining crude oil, benefiting bottom lines and local economies4

  5. Fostering a Circular Economy
    Repurposing used oil aligns perfectly with the circular economy concept, minimizing waste and maximizing resources. The World Economic Forum’s Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) and Accenture project a $4.5 trillion boost in economic output by 2030 through circular principles. Heavy manufacturing's role in this journey contributes to a sustainable future5.

Commitment to Sustainability

The opportunity to embark on the journey of repurposing used oil in heavy manufacturing goes beyond sustainability; it's a partnership to advance your organization's mission. As your guide, Valicor offers tailored solutions for smaller manufacturers, with a national network of strategically positioned sites ready to transform your used oil into environmental value.

For those seeking onsite solutions, our expertise shines even brighter. From concept to execution, we're your dedicated partners in designing, operating, and managing onsite treatment plants that prioritize compliance and performance. This isn't just a transaction; it's a symbiotic relationship where your sustainability goals align with our expertise to create a future where industry and ecology thrive hand in hand.

Join us in this journey where innovation transforms waste into opportunity, and a sustainable horizon awaits. Together, we don't just follow the path; we pioneer it, creating a future marked by purpose, progress, and lasting impact.