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Manage Your Containerized Waste Responsibly


Most businesses with a physical location, including factories and manufacturing plants, warehouses, housing complexes, or printing facilities, generate containerized waste—waste collected and transported via containers in a variety of sizes and types, such as trash bins, dumpsters, drums, and roll-off boxes.

These containers are usually made of metal or plastic and are used to store and transport a wide range of industrial waste materials, including:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Packaging materials
  • Production scraps
  • Liquid or chemical waste from industrial processes
  • Hazardous materials
  • Any combination of the above

Managing containerized waste is a crucial task that requires a comprehensive understanding of the various types of waste generated, as well as their specific disposal requirements. Partnering with a reputable and experienced waste management service provider like Valicor can ensure that this task is managed in the most efficient and responsible manner, not only keeping your company in compliance with regulations, but taking the next step toward long-term sustainability initiatives.

Valicor simplifies the management of your company’s containerized waste by collecting and transporting the containerized waste to a treatment facility where it is sorted, processed, and disposed of in an environmentally compliant manner. This can include chemical processing, recycling, reusing, and/or properly disposing of waste materials, as well as innovative waste-to-energy processing systems.

Benefits of Using Valicor to Manage Your Company’s Containerized Waste

Did you know 80% of the items in landfills could be recycled? Using Valicor’s containerized waste management services, together we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, helping to counter negative environmental impacts and protect natural resources. We can become a partner in your company’s efforts to become more eco-friendly and reach your sustainability goals. And with our international ISO 14001 certification (since 1998!), you can trust Valicor to uphold the highest standards in waste management.

Valicor’s containerized waste management services for industrial operations allows for the easy and efficient collection and transport of waste. Containerized waste can be collected on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis, depending on the needs of the industrial operation. This system can contribute to a clean and healthy workplace, and can also help to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries caused by waste materials.

We know it’s important for companies to save money wherever possible, and that includes waste management services. Not only can Valicor’s services help your company avoid hefty fines and penalties through compliance with all applicable regulations, but our solutions can actually result in increased profitability thanks to reduced waste disposal costs combined with government environmental initiatives. 

What Types of Containerized Waste Does Valicor Handle?

Valicor is a multi-faceted industry leader in waste management services with facilities in 14 states and growing! Since Valicor owns and operates its own facilities, we are equipped for de-packaging operations, a recycling/repurposing network, and other waste treatment processes. As a true one-stop shop, we help your company with processing any of the following:

  • Non-hazardous liquid wastes, such as oils, sludges, coolants, paints, dyes, inks, solvents, and soaps 
  • Difficult to treat mixtures of any of the above
  • Solid waste, such as batteries, bulbs, cardboard, plastics, and paper, among others

Examples of How Valicor Provides Green Alternatives to Traditional Landfills

Many waste management companies simply transport most containerized waste to the local landfill. According to this article on U.S. trash production statistics, this amounts to 140 millions tons of waste going into landfills each year. We at Valicor have turned our attention to options that benefit the environment, rather than leave an even larger footprint.

  • One way Valicor is contributing to green initiatives in the waste to energy process is through strategic partnerships. For example, Valicor collects paint sludge generated by a vehicle manufacturer, and transports the containerized waste to one of our environmental partners. Our partner’s waste-to-energy processing plant incinerates the paint sludge and uses the energy generated to create steam to provide power for the city. With a fleet of nearly 200 trucks in over 25 locations throughout the United States, facilitating transportation of waste to appropriate facilities is one of our strengths.
  • Valicor also facilitates product repurposing for waste that contains soaps or certain chemicals, by processing the waste to separate out the original ingredients. These cleansers or useful chemicals can then be recirculated into other cleaning products or materials for manufacturing processes. 
  • Valicor processes all sorts of packaging for recycling, including aluminum, plastic, and cardboard or paperboard, which can then be reused in consumer-packaged goods. When you see labels like “This packaging contains 60% recycled content”— Valicor is at the forefront of these recycling efforts!
  • All of Valicor’s waste management solutions focus on reducing environmental pollution:  
    • via typical recycling; 
    • separating liquid waste mixtures so that each component is processed for re-utilization if possible, and properly disposing of any remaining waste in the most environmentally-friendly way; 
    • facilitating waste-to-energy processing for cleaner electricity with a low environmental impact; 
    • and reducing greenhouse gases by diverting waste from landfills into more sustainable options. 

Our solutions even save companies money on waste management!

Valicor is committed to properly managing containerized waste, as it contributes to our own sustainability goals and promotes the longevity of a healthy environment. If you’d like to learn more about how Valicor can be your company’s all-in-one solution to waste management, please check out our services page to see how a partnership with us could benefit you.  When you’re ready to talk to an expert and receive a customized quote for your company, let us know.