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Alternative Uses for Industrial & Retail Wastes


Manufacturers across the world are starting to discover alternative uses for industrial waste. This is largely due to the increased demand for them to develop sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes. 

Pressure from environmental regulations, politicians, and key stakeholders has forced manufacturers to think differently and start incorporating more “green” initiatives into their business. Finding alternative uses for their industrial waste is just one way that manufacturers can do this. 

Various Types of Industrial Waste

Manufacturers produce a wide variety of industrial waste. The exact type and quantity of waste depends on their industry and the facility’s process. Generally speaking, most manufacturers will produce at least some volume of the following types of industrial waste: 

  • Chemical Waste
  • Solid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Construction Waste

There are of course other forms of specialized industrial waste as well, such as medical waste. But no matter which industry a manufacturing facility operates in, they will have at least some volume of industrial waste that needs to be properly disposed of on a regular basis. 

Types of Waste Management Solutions 

Ultimately, manufacturers will need to choose at least one of the following solutions to manage their industrial waste: 

  • Source Reduction
  • Material Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Energy Recovery
  • Treatment
  • Disposal

The first three options for waste management are highly encouraged whenever possible. The classic “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” applies not only to consumer households, but also to manufacturers and industrial processes. 

But of course, it isn’t always possible to do so. That’s when manufacturers turn to energy recovery, treatment, and disposal as their waste management solutions. 

Practical Tips on Alternative Uses for Industrial & Retail Wastes

Here are some examples of how you can effectively engage in the reuse and recycling of your industrial waste to improve your company’s waste management program. 

Industrial Oil Recycling Services

If used oil from your manufacturing process or petroleum contact waters from your pipeline network are one of your major waste streams, you may want to consider signing up for industrial oil recycling services. 

Used Oils

Cutting oils, quench oils, and hydraulic oils are all common forms of used industrial oil that can be recovered from manufacturing processes. It’s also possible to recover tramp oils from water based cutting fluids, such as coolants. 

You’ll want to find a waste management provider who can process your used oil for either resale into the base oil or fuels market, or for return and product reuse. At Valicor, we have the capability to recycle even the toughest emulsified industrial oils. 

Our oil processing facilities incorporate state of the art equipment for solids and water contamination removal. We also have the capability to measure and adjust viscosity and additives to bring used oils back to their original specifications.

Valicor’s recycled oils are often used as cutter stock for secondary use as fuel or returned directly to our customers as a base oil, hydraulic oil or gear oil. 

Petroleum Contact Waters (PCWs)

The main difference between Used Oils and PCWs is flash point.  PCWs are lighter non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) with a lower flash point (eg <160 degrees F).  Examples of these materials are:

  • Recovery of fuels from tank bottoms from Midstream Companies, gas stations, truck stops, spills or train derailments
    • Diesel, Gas, Jet Fuel, Distillates, Crude Oil
  • Recovery of fuel from Natural Gas Industry
    • Drip Gas, condensate or compressor oils
  • Recovery of LNAPLs from secondary containment
  • Recovery of fuels from product tanks

Valicor’s recycled PCWs are often distilled back into their original fuel form, used as a cutter stock or used as an alternative fuel for kilns. 

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) Recycling Services

Distribution and supply chain is a substantial challenge in today’s market.  Often recall events or the normal disposition of retail products are an enormous challenge for manufacturers.  Not only must brand protection be considered but now a more sustainable end of life for the product.  

At Valicor, we solve that problem by moving materials quickly from your warehouse to ours so that we can ultimately find a more sustainable option for these materials and allowing our customers to do what they do best, which is manufacture and distribute retail products.

  • Recovery of Recycling
    • Packaging and brand are removed for protection and then recycling
    • Contents are recovered & recycled
  • Recovery and Wastewater Treatment
    • Packaging and brand are removed and liquids are treated internally at our CWTs
  • Recovery and Alternative Fuels Processing
    • Packaging and contents are shredded and combined with other materials for increased BTU value
  • Recovery and Alternative Daily Cover (ADC)
    • Creating a material that is used by landfills to provide cover of the trash at the end of each day

Partnering with a Sustainable Waste Management Provider

Industrial waste recycling is beneficial to manufacturers for a number of reasons. Not only is it simply better for the environment, but it can also help you manage and reduce costs. It also saves resources and energy, helps you create a sustainable brand, and helps you stay compliant with the federal and state environmental laws and regulations. 

Valicor is leading the way in sustainable waste management solutions for manufacturers of industrial and retail goods across the nation. 

Our services allow you to meet federal, state, and local regulations by safely and responsibly disposing of industrial waste. We also provide a diverse set of landfill solidification, product destruction, and retail oil services. As an ISO 14001 certified organization, Valicor takes great pride in its environmental compliance process.

Our experts are here to answer your questions and provide the solutions you need to reach your sustainability goals. Contact us today to learn more about how Valicor can support your company’s goals to contribute to a healthier environment.